Precast Floors
& Stairs

Flexibility in design – XL Precast floors is an engineered product designed to meet your project requirements.

Combining the speed of precast construction with the superior soft finish from our polished steel casting tables, this engineered product can be specifically designed to cope with extreme loads and provides many advantages over traditional formwork.

XL Precast floors bond with existing structures and/or topping concrete to provide a strong, safe and efficient flooring system. Components and services required throughout the building can also be designed into the floor under manufacture items, such as fire collars and penetrations.

Safe, efficient and seamless – precast stairs offers diverse solutions to multi-level buildings

XL Precast stairs offer many benefits to your project including; quick and easy installations, safe access to interconnected floors during construction, durable and aesthetically pleasing.

XL Precast stairs offer ideal solutions for commercial buildings, industrial, residential and many other applications where traditional stairs are required. Capable of high load bearing capacities, precast concrete stairs are the obvious choice where safety and durability are integral such as; fire escape stairs, commercial and industrial stairwells and other areas which experience higher than normal ingress and egress.

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