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Quality and Best

XL is always pursuing innovative solutions. We push ourselves constantly prioritising customer service hence the reason we are always seeking new & innovative technologies such as our new I-Mix Mobile Concrete Plant.

XL I-MIX Concrete fulfil all the modern market demands as:

  • High quality production
  • Great production scale
  • Environmentally friendly (waste minimization)
  • Production process highly efficient (final product optimization)

XL I-Mix Concrete is the best choice for both small and big projects

I-Mix Concrete offer you the type of concrete that you need, whenever you need (24/7), with high quality and reliability.

  • The XL I-MIX CONCRETE is a revolutionary way to mix and supply concrete. By using our Mobile Mixing system, we can deliver ready to mix materials, to be mixed in our truck at your project and placed on your job. We service the entire Sydney Metro Area.
  • Great option for projects where concrete waiting times for typical AGI trucks cause concrete quality issues such as infrastructure works and highways, far from batching plants.
  • Good solution for where high quality and consistent mix designs are required to achieve Class 2 Concrete.
  • Allows for flexible a project schedule and if you rent our blend machine you can produce your own concrete and eliminates paying premiums for out of hours supply. You do not need to rely on concrete supply from batching plants and can pour concrete to suit your own schedule including out of hours.

XL doing our part for the Environment

XL Group Pty Ltd is constantly striving for a cleaner and greener environment. Investing in complete self sufficiency whilst minising production wastage almost completely, is just one of the ways we ensure we only use what is required.

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